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Stocks and Finishes


Checkering is done on a per panel basis and according to complexity.


Repairs To Finish

Some times just a good cleaning and buffing can restore a finish. If there is damage lets discuss it.


Complete Refinish (Varnish)

When the old finish is not worth saving, or on new stocks.

$350.00 to 600.00

Complete Refinish (Oil)

When a field grade or better is needed on guns you use routinely.

$250.00 to 375.00

Stock Stripped And Sanded

Removing old finishes can be easy or a pain. We can ready a stock for a finish you plan to do yourself.

$60.00 to $150.00

Stock Crafting Or Repairs

Let's discuss your ideas or review your existing stocks.


Action Bedding

Bonding your action to the stock will take gaps between them improving accuracy.



Mating the stock to the action will improve your accuracy.


Sling Mounts

We can install new ones or up grade you existing ones.


Free Float Barrels

Improve your accuracy by clearancing the barrel channel.


Pistol Grips

Add some your hand gun.

$140.00 to 280.00


According to the item to be set.